Country progress in the implementation of the global action plan on antimicrobial resistance: WHO, FAO and OIE global tripartite database

Welcome to the global open-access tripartite antimicrobial resistance database. This database provides access for the first time to baseline information on the status of countries’ regarding the implementation of the global action plan and actions to address antimicrobial resistance across all sectors.

WHO, FAO and OIE welcome governments and interested partners to take this opportunity to access the database and see all country responses, which are visualized through maps and can be sorted by WHO, FAO and OIE regions and by World Bank income groups.

Information captured in this database is a result of the country self-assessment questionnaire disseminated to countries by WHO, FAO and OIE in November 2016. Countries were asked to assess their progress in: developing their national antimicrobial resistance action plans; working with multiple sectors; and implementing key actions to address antimicrobial resistance. Responses consolidated across all sectors were submitted via a country specific electronic link.

The database currently contains data for the reporting year 2016-17. The survey will be repeated annually, thus starting from next year progress made on implementing actions on antimicrobial resistance can be tracked. For more information please contact the Secretariat at (


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